Gel Insoles for Men and Women, Customisable Size and Shape, Lightweight

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Both men and women can benefit greatly from adding gel insoles inside their shoes. You’ll feel like you’re walking on a cushion of air, relieving stress on your feet, legs, back and your entire body.

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Whether you spend all day on your feet at work, like to go for a morning or afternoon jog or you simply want your shoes to be more comfortable to walk around in, gel insoles can make a massive difference to both the comfort of your footwear and the effect being on your feet has on your entire body. They really do cushion impacts and take a load off.

These insoles have been designed with a durable honeycomb pattern that traps air within the insoles and cushions the soles of the feet as you stand, walk or run. The arches of your feet will receive greater support as well and the insoles have been designed so that they can be cut and trimmed to suit any size shoe.
So, do your feet a favour and add gel insoles to your shoes.

The Features and Benefits Of Gel Insoles

These high quality gel insoles can be used by guys or girls, as there are insoles for each gender. In addition, they are fully customisable regarding size and shape for the perfect fit. The insoles are also extremely lightweight, so they won’t feel like they are adding excess weight to your shoes.

The honeycomb silicon gel has been specifically formulated and designed to offer all over support, including the heels of the feet, balls of the feet and foot arches. The result is absolute comfort and support for the feet, the legs, lower back, torso and to help maintain good posture.

Gel insoles lead to a better quality of life from a physical viewpoint, so do something positive for your feet and your entire body. Once you add gel insoles to your shoes, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.


Colour: Blue
Men’s Size: Length 31.5cm for foot sizes Australian 6~10
Women’s Size: Length 27.6cm for foot sizes Australian 8.5~12

Package Contents

1 x Pair Gel Insoles

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    Gel Insoles for Men and Women, Customisable Size and Shape, Lightweight
    Gel Insoles for Men and Women, Customisable Size and Shape, Lightweight
    $14.95 Incl. GST
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