Metatarsal Pad Gel Ball Foot Cushions – Set of 4 DJMed

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Give your feet the padding and comfort they need with this set of 4 gel ball foot cushions. Say goodbye to sore and tired feet and provide comfort and support for a multitude of foot conditions.

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The DJMed Metatarsal Pad Gel Ball Foot Cushions have been meticulously designed for the ultimate in comfort, no matter what you’re doing. They are allergy-friendly and latex-free, so anyone can use them. Each foot cushion is filled with balls of medical grade silicon gel that cushions the sole and the ball of the foot. The foot cushions are washable and completely reusable, manufactured to the highest quality to ensure their longevity.

You can use them while playing your favourite sport, dancing, walking, jogging, while wearing high heels or even work boots. The gel support cushions provide long-lasting comfort all throughout the day. Anyone can use them, whether you have ongoing foot conditions that make being on your feet uncomfortable, or you simply want some added cushioning while performing your favourite activities.

How Gel Ball Foot Cushions Can Help You?

No one wants to develop foot conditions or to exacerbate an existing condition and that’s where the DJMed Metatarsal Pad Gel Ball Foot Cushions really come into play. Standard toe and foot problems can be prevented or improved when wearing the foot cushions. Common conditions such as bursitis, sesamoiditis, Metatarsalgia and Morton’s neuronal can be prevented or even cured with the added comfort the gel balls provide.

By supporting the metatarsal bone, the pads help to reduce pressure on the ball of the foot. This helps to ensure your feet are comfortable and pain-free at all times while moving about.

We all spend a lot of time on our feet and it’s the feet that bear the full weight of the body, so it only makes sense to look after your feet in every way possible.

These foot cushions are so innovative and comfortable that once you use them, you’ll never want to be without them.


Weight 0.2 kg
Width About 82 mm
Thickness About 3 mm
Whats in the box? 2 Pairs, Set of 4 Pieces


Can I use these inside of high heels?

Definitely Yes.

How long do they last, is it one use?


DJMed metatarsal ball of foot pads are multiple use. Hand wash them and air dry and use again and again.

Are they solid or liquid filled? Can they be cut to make a depression to fit over the neuroma?


They are solid but soft. I have a hammertoe and I wear it as it is. I think it could be hard to cut, but you could try. It is jelly fish like texture. They’re solid and yes they can definitely be cut.

Can these be worn under compression stockings please?


I would say yes. I have worn them under socks and stockings quite well.

Any latex in this product?


The metatarsal pads are latex-free.

I do not have a neuroma. i have morton’s toe. does this work for a foot that doesn’t have a neuroma?


Yes. The pads can be used even if you don’t have any Neuroma. They work very well as cushions for your foot.

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    1. Jean M. (verified owner)

      Great products better than ones I bought before… highly recommend

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    Metatarsal Ball Of Foot Cushions
    Metatarsal Pad Gel Ball Foot Cushions - Set of 4 DJMed
    $36.99 Incl. GST