Forearm Crutches – The Rebotec ECO 120, German Quality -Lightweight but very Strong

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Whether you’ve suffered a broken leg or need assistance walking for other reasons, these forearm crutches from Rebotec are sleek, lightweight, attractive and incredibly strong.

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Naturally, these crutches come as a pair and are crafted from a quality German design for efficiency and durability. Equipped with a strong and non-twisting forearm cuff for added stability and safety, these lightweight crutches are super easy to use, even for someone who has never used crutches before.

There is a total of 10 different height adjustments to suit people of all sizes, with a locking mechanism to ensure no slippage. A maximum weight capacity of 120kg guarantees the Rebotec ECO 120 Crutches will suit everyone’s requirements.

An ergonomically designed handle makes for comfortable use as the hands take most of the weight. The handles even come with built in reflectors for added safety when out and about on the streets.

Possibly the most important feature is the fact that the crutches are very lightweight, which negates any tiresome and cumbersome effects that were often endured with crutches made from timber. The lightweight metal is extremely strong and durable, while at the same time providing the ultimate in comfort and functionality.

Another vital feature to note about the Rebotec ECO 120 Crutches are the non-slip rubber feet, rendering the crutches perfectly safe and virtually slip-proof. Negotiate any terrain with absolute confidence, knowing the crutches won’t slip out from under you.

The Major Benefit Of the Rebotec Forearm Crutches

The greatest benefit supplied by these crutches from Rebotec is the fact that they are so comfortable and easy to use, even for beginners. Being lightweight but sturdy ensures the user will have no problem getting around while incapacitated. If you’re currently living with a broken leg or have mobility issues, these crutches will provide you with the freedom you need to get around.

Rebotec is renowned for producing products of the highest quality, so if you need a reliable pair of crutches for any reason, you can’t go wrong with the Rebotec ECO 120 Crutches.



Height from handle to cuff: 24cm
Height of handle: 72 cm – 95 cm (adjustable)
Diameter Ø in mm: 22/19
Capacity: 120kg
Country of origin: Germany (Design & Manufactured)



Are these 1 piece crutches? Or does the armrest separate from the crutch itself?

The Rebotec crutches are all 1 piece construction. It is a strict requirement to achieve CE (Conformité Européenne) product safety certification. All Rebotec crutches meet and exceed medical device safety standards in all countries including but not limited to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and UK.. etc. The armrest is part of the crutch.

How quickly can you ship? I need them now.

Ships in next business day, and usually arrives in 1-4 by courier depending on the address.

Is this a pair? How many crutches are included?

2, they come as a pair.

What do you want to know about this product? I am 160cm will these adjust to my height?

I am 155cm and they adjusted to my height beautifully. I’m sure they will adjust to yours.

What is the weight capacity of these forearm crutches?



About Rebotec

REBOTEC forearm crutches quality designed and made in GERMANY

Well-trained, responsible and looked after staff at REBOTEC prioritise reliability, consistency and quality control over simply high numbers and profit.
REBOTEC uniquely designs, builds its own tooling, manufactures and assembles out of Quakenbrück Germany. Everything is quality made in Germany.
German engineering is culturally synonymous with high quality, durable craftsmanship and sound, efficient design. Choose REBOTEC, a better quality option.
Design, tooling and production: precise build-in-house tooling and low manufacturing tolerances produce an exceptionally high-quality product.
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    1 review for Forearm Crutches – The Rebotec ECO 120, German Quality -Lightweight but very Strong

    1. Ronald Grice (verified owner)

      Item delivered in a timely manner and in good condition! For the price, the forearm crutch (ECO 120) is attractive, apart from thoughtful engineering, comfort and grip balance. My wife had a full right knee replacement and just loves them – compared to other brands and styles encountered during hospital rehabilitaton.

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    Forearm Crutches - The Rebotec ECO 120, German Quality -Lightweight but very Strong
    $79.99 Incl. GST