First Aid Kit for Car, 47 Items in Kit, Treat 5 People, Durable and Portable

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First aid kits are handy to have anywhere but they can be even more essential in the car. Whenever the need arises to apply first aid of any kind, having your car equipped with a first aid kit means you’ll always have what you need handy and available no matter where you are.

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You might be involved in a minor car accident where you receive a gash to the head or your body that needs attention. Likewise, you could simply be out and about and suffer an incident that needs minor medical attention. This is where having a first aid kit stowed in the car can come in really handy. It’s like having a mobile medical kit, ready to use at any time and anywhere.

The good news is, while containing a comprehensive range of medical equipment, bandages and more, the Executive Driver first aid kit is still compact enough that it barely takes up any room at all. It’s perfect for people who drive for a living and also just as handy for the leisure driver who is often out and about. If even contains a thermal blanket and splints.

First Aid Kit Features

Just about everything you could possibly need for minor first aid treatment is contained within the kit and comes with enough supplies to treat up to 5 people. In fact, there are a total of 47 items in the kit, which comes with a hard plastic case that is lightweight and extremely durable and portable.

Many of the items contained within the kit are readily replaceable, so when you use up some of the items, such as bandages, for example, you can easily buy replacements for the kit from your local pharmacy.

Why Add a First Aid Kit To Your Car?

While having a first aid kit in the home is a wise idea, having one in the car can be even better. You just never know when you’ll need it and if a kit is stowed in the boot, you’ll have access to first aid treatment no matter where you happen to be.


Risk Rating: Moderate
No. People Covered: Up to 5
Item Count: 47
Case: Clip-Shut, Hard Plastic
Type: Portable
Locale: Urban
Size: Compact
Colours: Green
Box dimensions:
Width – 27cm
Height – 22cm
Depth – 5cm
ARTG Number – 286799

Package Contents

1 x Plastic First Aid Hard Case
1 x Plastic Dressing Strips – 10 Pack
1 x Survival Thermal Blanket
1 x Conforming Bandage – 2.5cm x 1.5m
1 x Conforming Bandage – 5cm x 1.5m
1 x Conforming Bandage – 7.5cm x 1.5m
1 x Triangular Bandage Non-Woven – 110cm x 100cm
1 x No. 13 Wound Dressing
1 x Eye Pad Sterile Single Use
1 x Eye Bath Cup
1 x First Aid Notes and Instructions
1 x Nitrile Powder Free Blue Gloves – 1 Pair
1 x Lite Dressing – 7.5cm x 5cm
1 x Keyring CPR Face Shield
2 x Sodium Chloride Steri Tube – 15ml
1 x Paper Tape Wrapped – 1.25cm x 9.1m
1 x Scissors – 7.5cm First Aid – Small
1 x Tweezers – 7.5cm First Aid – Small
1 x Safety Pins – 12 Pack
1 x Basic Dressing Pack
1 x Cotton Applicators – 5 Pack

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    First Aid Kit for Car, 47 Items in Kit, Treat 5 People, Durable and Portable
    First Aid Kit for Car, 47 Items in Kit, Treat 5 People, Durable and Portable
    $89.95 Incl. GST
    Out of stock