Premium First Aid Kit for Snake Bite, Lightweight, Portable

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While a snake bite may not be something that happens every day, bites do occur. Add a premium snake bite kit to your home and keep one in the car, just in case the need ever arises. It’s always better to be prepared.

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Australia is home to many dangerous snakes. In fact, our country is world famous for having some of the deadliest snakes on the planet. While the Inland Taipan is the world’s most venomous snake, number two on that list is the King Brown Snake. The problem with the King Brown is that it’s aggressive and likes to live in urban areas, even near the beach. That’s just 2 famous snakes out of dozens of dangerous Aussie snake species.

While the premium snake bite kit doesn’t come with any anti-venom, it does contain other essential items that can help to slow the effects of a venomous snake bite until medical treatment can be administered. A snake bite can occur anywhere in the country and at any time, so having a snake bite kit at home, at your place of business or in your vehicle is virtually an essential piece of kit in this country.

The Features and Benefits Of the Premium Snake Bite Kit

The contents of the kit can be used to treat either a snake bite or a poisonous spider bite. The snake bite kit is compact, lightweight and easy to transport and store.

Compression bandages within the kit are vital pieces of venomous bite equipment, as they stem the flow of the venom through the body, buying time for the victim until either help arrives, or they are transported to a medical facility for treatment. There is also a guide contained in the kit that instructs users on what to do in the event of a snake or spider bite.

The kit contains items to effectively treat one victim of a snake bite.


Risk rating: Snake and Spider Bite
Item count: 6
Type: Portable
Size: Compact
No. people covered: 1
Case: Lightweight, Zip, Softpack
Locale: Rural
ARTG Number – 286799

Package Contents

2 x Premium Indicator Compression Bandages
1 x Thermal Blanket
1 x Dressing
1 x Marker Pen
1 x Snake Bite Treatment Guide
1 x First Aid Bag with Belt Straps

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    Premium First Aid Kit for Snake Bite, Lightweight, Portable
    Premium First Aid Kit for Snake Bite, Lightweight, Portable
    $59.95 Incl. GST
    Out of stock