Ergonomic Leg Elevation Wedge Pillow

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The leg elevation wedge pillow has been ergonomically designed to be both comfortable and a way to elevate legs, heels and ankles that have sustained an injury. Elevating the injured part of the leg allows it to drain and thus reduces swelling.

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The pillow is soft and comfortable and shaped in such a way that an injured leg can be elevated for some time without discomfort. It’s perfect when an injury to the ankle or other part of the lower leg has been sustained and swelling occurs.

The Leg Elevation Wedge improves circulation to the injured zone, along with enabling better vascular drainage of the area so swelling reduces and the injury can start to heal. The stiffness associated with swelling is also negated when the injured limb is raised on the wedge pillow. First grade support is provided, with a soft, gentle pressure distribution being applied to the injurious area.

High quality memory foam fills the interior of the pillow, so it always maintains its original form. There is also high rebound foam present for added support during use. The wedge pillow can be used by medical professionals or in the home and has been designed for rehabilitation, recovery and comfort.

Pressure area ulcers are another concern that has been addressed by the ergonomic design of the Leg Elevation Wedge. For patients that need to spend quite a bit of time being immobilised, the shape and contents of the pillow reduce the chances of pressure area ulcers resulting. The pillow also provides support for heel areas and reduces the chances of pressure sores developing.

Very important is the fact that the pillow allows sufficient aeration during the healing process and provides ready access to the injured zone. The wedge can also be beneficial in the relief of lower back pain or swollen legs too.

The wedge pillow’s dimensions are:

Length – 60cm

Width – 50cm

Height – 20cm

Benefits Of the Leg Elevation Wedge

The team at DJMed have created a simple yet highly effective wedge pillow design for the treatment of leg injuries and swollen legs. While effective in reducing swelling and speeding up recovery time, the Leg Elevation Wedge has also been designed with complete patient comfort in mind. It can be used in the home or a medical facility and also reduces the chances of a patient developing pressure area ulcers and sores.

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    2 reviews for Ergonomic Leg Elevation Wedge Pillow

    1. Lizzie W. (verified owner)

      Has made my double foot surgery 1000 per cent more comfortable!

    2. Barry Holt (verified owner)

      Very helpful

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    Ergonomic Leg Elevation Wedge Pillow
    $79.99 Incl. GST