Commode Chair Safety Belt By Rebotec

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This product is specially crafted to accommodate a wide range of shower commode chairs and wheelchairs, ensuring a versatile and convenient solution for individuals with varying mobility needs. It is perfectly suited for Rebotec commode chairs, guaranteeing seamless compatibility and optimal performance. With this versatile accessory, users can enjoy enhanced functionality and comfort across different types of mobility aids.

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Introducing the Rebotec safety belt, an exceptional accessory designed to provide secure support around the waist, specifically tailored for use with Rebotec Phoenix chairs. This versatile belt can also be utilized to encircle a patient’s legs when necessary, offering flexibility and adaptability in various scenarios.


The Rebotec safety belt comes in two sizes, ensuring a precise fit for different individuals:


  • Small: Designed for waist circumferences ranging from 0cm to 100cm.
  • Medium/Large: Ideal for waist circumferences between 80cm and 160cm.

Experience peace of mind and enhanced safety with this reliable Rebotec safety belt, offering customizable and secure fastening options for both waist and leg applications.

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    Commode Chair Safety Belt By Rebotec
    $139.00 Incl. GST