Create a Better You With These Health and Fitness Tips

In order to live a long and fulfilling life, it’s important to focus on your health and fitness on a daily basis. It’s even more vital if you’re very busy with work and other commitments, as this often leads to developing unhealthy eating habits and failing to exercise regularly, due to (perceived) time pressure. As a reminder to do your best to remain fit and healthy or to improve your fitness and nutrition, follow the tips in this article as a general guideline.

Always Find Time For Exercise

Anyone who states they can’t find even 20 minutes in their day to focus on exercise is likely not being entirely honest with themselves. Even the busiest of people should prioritise some exercise into their daily routine. If it means canceling something else that’s less important, then that’s what they should do if their schedule is that full.

It’s really all about priorities. Some things we think are important are not really that vital. Having a regular exercise routine is critical and should really receive a top priority on most days of the week. Even if it’s just a 20 minute walk, it’s better than doing nothing.

Target Exercise That You Actually Enjoy

If you enjoy what you’re doing, you’re far more likely to do it, rather than finding excuses to procrastinate. The same applies to exercise. Some people love lifting weights at the gym while others detest it. Some people enjoy swimming while others don’t.

Rather than forcing yourself to grind through an exercise routine that you really don’t like, focus on physical activities that you actually look forward to doing. It’s different for everybody, so choose something you already know you like to do. This will also ensure you exercise consistently.

Avoid Crash Diets and Eat Sensibly

If you feel like you’re in a hurry to shed a few kilos, resist the urge to go on crash diets. These diets are not really effective in the long term and can even lead to various health issues due to a lack of balanced nutrition.

Instead, just focus on eating sensibly. Watch what you eat, maintain a balanced and healthy diet and simply eat smaller portions in conjunction with consistent exercise. If you consume less calories than you burn and don’t eat too many carbs, those extra kilos will soon come off.

Add Supplements If Your Diet Is Inadequate

Many people, for one reason or another, may be missing out on essential vitamins and minerals in their daily diet that ensure good health. While eating better should always be the priority, adding vitamins and supplements to your diet will help to bridge the gap. Buy a quality multivitamin that you take once a day and this will help to guarantee your body is receiving essential nutrients.

Supplements, such as protein powder for weight gain, are also a good idea if you’re hitting the gym and trying to increase your muscle mass.

Combat Boredom By Trying Something Different

The same old exercises can get dull and mundane after a while, so if you find yourself feeling bored and unmotivated as a result, try something new. A very simple example would be walking. If this is your preferred method of exercise, choose to walk in a different location every now and then, rather than always following the exact same route.

It’s also a good idea to mix up your exercises. Rather than always going to the gym, switch to three days a week at the gym and several days a week where you go swimming, cycling or jogging, as an example.

It’s all about variety and changing things up so you keep exercise interesting and ensure your motivation for fitness doesn’t wane.

Check Your Weight Daily

Firstly, work out what your ideal weight really is and then target that weight. In order to keep an eye on things, buy some quality scales and weigh yourself regularly.

Make a point of weighing yourself at the same time of the day, preferably when you first wake up and haven’t had anything to eat or drink yet. It might also be an idea to either weigh yourself naked or just in your underwear, so your clothing doesn’t artificially alter your results.

Drink Mostly Water

We’re all aware that it’s recommended to drink up to two litres of water every day. With this goal in mind, rather than supplementing this two litres with other liquids, try and stick mostly to drinking water.

If most of the liquids you consume throughout the day are anything but water, chances are these liquids are not going to provide you with good health. Water may be a little boring at times but it is life-giving and goes a long way towards ensuring you remain healthy.

Get Enough Sleep

Remaining awake longer doesn’t mean you’ll be getting more exercise in and being fitter and healthier as a result. In fact, a lack of sleep has been associated with weight gain, as in putting on extra useless body fat.

The more restful sleep you get, the more energy you’ll have throughout the day to take care of tasks and to exercise. You’ll also be mentally sharper and in a better frame of mind.

A Quick Recap On the Points In This Article

  • Always Find Time For Exercise
  • Target Exercise That You Actually Enjoy
  • Avoid Crash Diets and Eat Sensibly
  • Add Supplements If Your Diet Is Inadequate
  • Combat Boredom By Trying Something Different
  • Check Your Weight Daily
  • Drink Mostly Water
  • Get Enough Sleep

The Takeaway

Maintaining good health and fitness isn’t really that difficult, so long as you make it a top priority. Rather than putting off exercise until you have some free time, schedule it into your day as a priority task to accomplish. Human beings have a tendency to prioritise the wrong things. Your health and fitness should always be your number one priority. Without good health, everything else means nothing.

By Ashley Bryan

Ashley writes the articles and posts for MyMedici and other websites.  He has a background in digital marketing and provides services through and  He lives on the Sunshine Coast, QLD with his family.

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