White Skin Protectors For Arms

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Skin protectors for arms are designed to offer a layer of protection for fragile skin that damages easily. The skin protectors come in a set of 2, so there is one for each arm. They are perfect for the elderly or anyone who has thin or fragile skin.

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Protective sleeves that provide coverage from the hands, along the forearm and past the elbow offer a layer of protection for the skin. As we age, the skin tends to become thinner and more fragile. This renders it easily damaged or cut when bumped or scraped. The hands, forearms and elbows are particularly susceptible to damage. Therefore, skin protectors are often a must.

Not only do the skin protectors for arms protect against possible skin damage, they also help existing wounds to heal and also cover things like scars and unsightly IV marks.

Soft and comfortable to wear with no compression on the skin, you’ll barely even know they are on. The protectors have been manufactured from a unique combination of nylon, rayon, Spandex and cotton. Chitosan Rayon contains anti-microbial properties, which protects against odour causing bacteria, and prevents the growth of fungi and mould that often go hand in hand with existing wounds and other skin conditions.

The skin protectors for arms come with a secure thumb slot, which also allows the protectors to guard against damaging the most prone spots, such as the backs of the hands.

Another important point to note is that the skin protectors for arms are very easy to maintain. To keep them fresh and hygienic, simply machine wash and then either tumble dry on a low heat or hang them on the line to dry naturally.

How To Apply Arm Skin Protectors

White skin protectors for the arms are extremely easy to put on. The most effective way is to roll the skin protector from the top down to the thumb slot, insert your hand, then simply roll the protector up the forearm and past the elbow. Repeat the process for the other arm and you’re done.

The Benefits Of Wearing White Skin Protectors For Arms

White skin protectors, while noticeable, don’t really stand out all that much when worn, but what they do offer is complete protection for the hands, forearms and elbows.

Those with ageing skin or people who naturally have fragile skin will benefit greatly from the application of skin protectors. They offer a protective barrier that prevents the skin from tearing when knocked or bumped and they are also handy for hiding scars, IV marks and assisting in the more rapid healing of existing wounds. Resistance to bacteria growth keeps the skin protectors from developing offensive odours with continuous wear.

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    White Skin Protectors For Arms
    $29.95 Incl. GST