Round Shower Stool (Verona) -Height-adjustable, strong up to 175kg capacity, made in Germany

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The Verona Shower Stool by Rebotec is an extremely sturdy stool designed to make shower time safe and easy for anyone living with physical disabilities or an injury.

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Manufactured from high-quality white plastic with strong, durable and rust-proof aluminium legs, this shower stool is the ultimate accessory at shower time for people that require assistance and physical support whilst having a shower. The stool is completely waterproof and won’t degrade even after hundreds of uses in wet conditions.

The German design is attractive but also highly practical. The legs on the stool are height adjustable, so people of all sizes will be able to safely and comfortably make use of the chair during a shower. The height of the seat can be adjusted from 42cm up to 57cm. Even bathrooms with very limited space will be well served by the Rebotec Verona Shower Stool, as its compact design specifications ensures it fits comfortably even in a small shower cubicle. In fact, the overall footprint of the stool is just 40cm x 40cm.

With a maximum weight capacity of 175kg, the stool is robust enough to support even a very large person. This in an incredible spec when you consider that the stool itself weighs in at a mere 2.6kg. Being so lightweight and compact, the design of the stool makes it perfect for travelling, so you never have to be without it. It can be assembled in mere seconds, due to its innovative and practical design and no tools are required for assembly.

Another very important feature of note is the rubber feet attached to the end of each leg of the stool. These feet prevent the stool from slipping on a tiled surface, even when it’s covered in soap or shampoo.

The Verona Shower Stool from the Rebotec company even comes with a handy travel bag for added convenience.

The Benefits Of the Verona Shower Stool

Whether the individual is an elderly person who has become frail, someone living with a permanent disability or even a person who has suffered a temporary injury such as a broken leg, the Verona Shower Stool will prove to be an invaluable piece of shower equipment.

Shower time can present a very real challenge for anyone with a physical ailment, so having a handy and versatile stool to sit on while bathing is really a lifesaver, making shower time so much more comfortable, easy and safe.

Although the stool has been designed for use in the shower, it can be put to use in other ways as well, offering a height-adjustable stool to sit on while putting on a pair of shoes, for example.

The Verona Shower Stool is a must have piece of equipment for anybody suffering from a physical disability.


Seat height Adjustable between 42cm – 57cm
Seat width 36cm
Seat depth 36cm
Max required space: 40cm x 40cm
Weight: 2.6kg
Capacity rating: 175kg
Country of origin: Germany (Design & Manufacturing)



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    Rebotec Verona Round Shower Stool
    Round Shower Stool (Verona) -Height-adjustable, strong up to 175kg capacity, made in Germany
    $209.00 Incl. GST