Square Donut Cushion – frees the affected area from pressure.

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The Square Donut Cushion from Ubio has many benefits and will assist in the relief of lower back pain, recovery from childbirth, tail bone injury and much more. It’s modern, it’s comfortable and it aids in a much faster recovery.

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The Square Donut Cushion has been designed to be soft and comfortable to sit on, while at the same time being firm enough to offer support and to prevent the interior materials of the cushion from compressing under weight. The silicone fibre that makes up the cushion also contains natural wool fibres. This helps to protect the cushion against dust mites, fungus, bacteria and offensive odours. It is breathable and can also be washed to keep it fresh, hygienic and looking like new.

With dimensions of 44cm x 44cm and a height of 11cm, the cushion is compact enough to fit on any chair for added comfort and support. It can be used on office chairs, lounge chairs, couches and even on a wheelchair.

The cushion has not only been designed to provide comfort for anyone who desires extra softness and support. It’s also beneficial for people suffering from a number of conditions including recovery from childbirth, lower back pain and tailbone injuries, haemorrhoid sufferers, fistulas and following prostate surgery.

The Benefits and Features Of the Ubio Square Donut Cushion and How It Can Help You

Let’s now tick off the benefits and features of the Ubio Square Donut Cushion.

REDUCES PRESSURE – Anyone who is suffering from any form or pain or discomfort to the lower abdominal or back area will benefit from the design of the Square Donut Cushion. While providing support, the hole of the donut reduces unnecessary pressure on those all important areas and is the perfect seating solution for those with haemorrhoids.

FEATURES AND MATERIALS – Made from a blend of silicone fibre and natural wool fibre, this combination prevents dust mite infestation, is anti-bacterial, anti-odour and anti-fungal. All of these features are important for comfortable and hygienic use of the cushion.

EASE OF USE – With its compact design and square shape, the cushion easily fits on any type of chair or seating. Just place it on the seat and sit down for comfort and support. Regularly brush and shake the cushion out to extend its effectiveness and increase its lifespan.

DESIRABILITY – Some features that make the Square Donut Cushion desirable are affordability, its soft and comfortable design, the way it provides additional support and comfort for various ailments for faster recovery and the fact that it comes in a variety of colours to suit your personal taste. It’s also long-wearing and washable, either by hand or machine wash.


Width 44cm
Depth 44cm
Height 11cm
Cushion filling Soft silicone fibre
Cushion cover Soft Faux Fur
Firmness/Softness Medium
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White, Navy, Grey


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    Square Donut Cushion - frees the affected area from pressure.
    $94.99 Incl. GST