Tan Skin Tone Skin Protectors For Legs

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Skin becomes drier, thinner and more brittle as we age and that is where leg skin protectors can really help. They act as a protective layer over the skin and with tan skin protectors, people will barely notice you’re even wearing them.

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These skin protectors have in-built anti-microbial properties to prevent bacteria and offensive odours that accompany it. They are also Latex-free and their tan colouring means they are about as invisible as you can get. The skin protectors for legs come in pairs, so 2 pieces in each pack.

Unfortunately, it’s a part of the ageing process that the skin becomes thinner, drier and more prone to damage as we get older. In some instances, skin becomes extremely fragile and it doesn’t take much to break the surface. The lower legs are prone to sustaining damage and if you have thin skin, you’ll want to add a protective barrier with some skin protectors. These are soft in texture and don’t compress the skin or muscles, making them very comfortable to wear. The fabric itself is a unique blend of Spandex, cotton, nylon and rayon.

They are ideal not only for protecting the skin from trauma, but also to hide wound sites and IV sites that may be apparent on the skin. Skin protectors also reduce the likelihood of fungi, mould or bacteria growth on the lower legs. These conditions often accompany certain skin conditions and deep wounds.

Your tan skin protectors are very easy to maintain. Simply machine wash at approximately 38 degrees Celsius and then either tumble dry on a low setting or hang them on the line.

How To Apply Leg Skin Protectors

Application of the tan skin protectors is super easy. From the top, simply roll the leg protector down to where the toe opening is. Place your foot inside the protector and then roll it up your leg to just below the knee. Make any adjustments necessary for a comfortable fit.

Benefits Of Wearing Skin Protectors

The tan colour of the skin protectors makes them way less noticeable. The lower legs can take a beating at times, as it’s very easy to bump into things. Thin and fragile skin tears easily and that’s where skin protectors come into their own. With them on, you can go about your day knowing that your lower legs are protected. They also cover wounds, scars, prevent bacteria build up and conceal IV marks.

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    Tan Skin Tone Skin Protectors For Legs
    $29.99 Incl. GST