Tan Skin Protectors For Arms – Antimicrobial & Latex Free

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Skin protectors for the arms are recommended for use for elderly patients and those in aged care facilities. These arm skin protectors are designed to look like natural skin colour while offering support and protection for fragile skin.

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These Tan Arm Skin Protectors are sold in pairs are have been designed to cover and protect the skin of the hand and the arm right up past the elbow. They help to reduce the occurrence of skin tears, abrasions and bruising and are made from a unique blend of Spandex (for flexibility), cotton, nylon and rayon. The skin protectors are machine washable to keep them fresh and hygienic and can also be placed in a clothes dryer on a low temperature setting.

Elderly people often suffer from thin, fragile and sensitive skin, especially on the forearms and hands, so having skin protectors can help to prevent common injuries associated with fragile skin.

The Benefits Of Using Arm Skin Protectors

One of the most vulnerable areas for elderly folk who suffer from thin and fragile skin is the back of the hands. As hands often see the most wear and tear and are used for so many different things, injuring the backs of the hands is quite common. When not having the hands covered by the protectors is desirable (such as when the hands will get wet), they can be removed by unhooking the thumb from the thumb hole.

The backs of the hands are not the only vulnerable area. The forearms often come into contact with things during normal use and daily activities, so it only makes sense to have arm skin protectors that protect the hands and the forearms as well. While being latex-free, the makeup of the skin protectors provides both protection and comfort while wearing them.

Avoid skin traumas such as bumps, abrasions, tears and irritation caused by friction. Skin protectors will provide added protection as well as warmth without unnecessary or undesirable feelings of compression.

It’s also important to note the Tan Arm Skin Protectors are designed to be bacteria-free and are also resistant to odours. They fight in the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould.

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    Tan Skin Protectors For Arms - Antimicrobial & Latex Free
    $44.95 Incl. GST