Replacement Cover For Leg Elevation Wedge In Blue Or White

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If you have a Leg Elevation Wedge Pillow, then you’ll want to purchase some replacement covers for it to keep it fresh and in tip top shape. Fortunately, the covers on the leg wedge are replaceable and they come in either blue or white.

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Measuring 60cm x 50cm x 20cm, replacement covers for the wedge pillow in blue or white are an easy way to maintain both the appearance and hygiene of the Leg Elevation Wedge. As the covers of the wedge can be washed, having some replacement covers means you can replace the cover immediately while the other one is being laundered. Having more than one cover also offers you some options when it comes to colour schemes and you can mix and match the colour of the wedge with your bed linen.

Made from memory foam and rebound foam, the Leg Elevation Wedge is extremely useful in helping an individual heal from a leg injury. The elevated position of the leg allows the injury to drain, thus reducing any associated swelling. The leg wedge speeds up rehabilitation and recovery time. It can even be beneficial in relieving lower back pain, as well as relieving painful swollen legs.

Benefits Of the Leg Elevation Wedge Replacement Covers

There are numerous obvious benefits to owning a Leg Elevation Wedge Pillow and there are also benefits to having replacement covers for it. For starters, being able to change the cover means the wedge will remain in a protected and hygienic state. It will also keep your wedge looking like new at all times.

Having several replacement covers in different colours enables you to mix and match for the sake of aesthetics as well.

Look after your Leg Elevation Wedge with replacement pillow covers.

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    Replacement Cover For Leg Elevation Wedge In Blue Or White
    $34.99 Incl. GST