Quadro – Stable 4 Point Walking Cane by Rebotec

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The Rebotec Quadro – Stable 4 Point Walking Cane provides superior balance and weight distribution when compared to standard walking canes, making it a durable and reliable option. Its four-point base is equipped with interdependent rubber ferrules, ensuring enhanced grip on different surfaces.

The cane’s rubber handle and contoured neck provide secure and comfortable usage for individuals with limited hand strength or those who tire easily. With this walking cane, you can confidently move around while maintaining your balance and stability.

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The Polo Yano forearm walker is a top-of-the-line mobility aid that’s perfect for individuals with limited hand, arm, and wrist strength. Designed with both durability and maneuverability in mind, this walker is a great option for anyone looking to improve their mobility and independence.


One of the standout features of the Polo Yano forearm walker is its lightweight, aluminum frame. This material makes it easy to maneuver the walker, while still maintaining its durability and weight capacity. Additionally, the walker comes with padded forearm rests and ergonomically shaped handles, ensuring optimal comfort and support for the user.


Another great feature of the Polo Yano forearm walker is its dual-action hand brakes, which allow for easy speed control at your fingertips. The walker also includes height-adjustable armrests, so you can find the perfect level of support and comfort for your individual needs.


When it’s time to store or transport the walker, the easy-to-fold frame makes it simple and convenient to do so. This compact storage and convenient portability make it easy to take the walker with you wherever you go.


In summary, the Polo Yano forearm walker is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a lightweight, durable mobility aid that’s easy to maneuver and offers optimal comfort and support. With its padded forearm rests, ergonomically shaped handles, dual-action hand brakes, height-adjustable armrests, and easy-to-fold frame, this walker is sure to improve your mobility and quality of life.




Height 63 – 86 cm
Diameter Ø in mm: 19mm
Country of Origin Germany


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Black, Light Grey


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    quadro 4 point walking cane black
    Quadro – Stable 4 Point Walking Cane by Rebotec
    $109.00 Incl. GST