Pure Food Grade Edible Pink Himalayan Rock Salt – 1kg for Cooking

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Natural pink rock salt from the Himalayas is not only trending but also adds incredible flavours to everyday table foods, restaurant meals and is perfect for seasoning. Available for cooking, the grinder or table.

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Mined in the pink salt-rich regions of Pakistan, Himalayan table rock salt has literally taken the world by storm and has been eagerly adopted by households and chefs alike as both a cooking ingredient and a colourful garnish.

It’s 100% pure and edible and tastes very similar to regular sea salt. The pink colouring is due to trace elements and minerals contained in the salt. Some suggest Himalayan pink salt is even healthier for you than regular table salt derived from sea salts, due to those essential minerals.

Are There Any Health Benefits?

The region where the salt is mined is one of the cleanest and most pristine locations on Earth. Pink Himalayan edible rock salt also contains trace elements of minerals that are essential for human health. Things like magnesium, calcium and potassium are found in Himalayan edible rock salt. In fact, there are some 80+ different trace elements and minerals found in this type of salt. It’s also guaranteed to be free of impurities and toxins.

The Benefits of Cooking With Himalayan Natural Pink Rock Salt

Although it primarily tastes like regular salt due to mostly being made up of sodium, when in coarse crystal form, Himalayan pink rock salt looks fantastic inside a salt shaker and presents incredibly well on the plate as a garnish or side. Its inherent pinkish hue adds a touch of something different and can even become a talking point with dinner guests.

Chefs love to garnish their creations with pink Himalayan salt and also use it as a seasoning and cooking agent. It’s become so popular in the culinary world that it’s even featured as a key ingredient in many dishes on a restaurant menu.

Himalayan pink edible rock salt is something that everyone should try.


Comes in resealable bags to keep fresh
Country of origin: Pakistan

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1 x 1kg Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Edible Pure Food Grade

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    Pure Food Grade Edible Pink Himalayan Rock Salt - 400g for cooking, grinder or table
    Pure Food Grade Edible Pink Himalayan Rock Salt - 1kg for Cooking
    $11.95 Incl. GST
    Out of stock