Peaked Cap Soft Head Protector

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Introducing a stylish and protective padded cap for adults, complete with a peaked design.

This headgear features an adjustable under-chin strap that provides extra security to ensure the hat stays in place while in use. Additionally, large Velcro fasteners are located at the back of the hat, allowing for easy adjustment of the hat’s circumference to ensure a perfect fit.

Whether you’re looking for a protective headgear for work or leisure activities, this cap delivers on style and functionality. Its sleek design and adjustable features make it a practical and comfortable option for all-day wear.

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Introducing a stylish and protective hat designed to provide comfortable head protection from bumps, grazes, and impact injuries. The hat takes inspiration from a peaked cap design with a touch of baseball cap style, making it a stylish accessory that no one will realize has added padding for protection.

This hat’s soft and comfortable protection makes it an ideal option for individuals with Autism, Epilepsy, and those prone to seizures, as well as seniors who require head protection against falls and self-injury.

In summary, this hat offers both style and protection, making it a practical and fashionable accessory for everyday use. Its inconspicuous design ensures that it can be worn without drawing attention to its protective features, while its soft and comfortable padding provides added peace of mind.

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    Peaked Cap Soft Head Protector 1
    Peaked Cap Soft Head Protector
    $329.00 Incl. GST