Nasal CPAP Mask By DeVilbiss – Fits all CPAP & APAP Machines – Silent – Comfortable

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This CPAP nasal face mask is available in 3 different sizes, making it suitable for people of all ages. It has been designed to fit any CPAP or APAP machine.

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The design of the mask from DeVilbiss enables it to directly feed into the nostrils. It’s perfect for side sleepers and even provides an excellent fit for patients with facial hair. The lightweight design reduces contact with the skin of the face for added comfort while sleeping. Even if a patient moves throughout the night, the mask will remain in place and doesn’t produce any sensations of claustrophobia.

A cost-effective solution that delivers effective CPAP therapy in complete comfort and for long term use.

Features and Benefits of the DeVilbiss Nasal CPAP Mask

The 4 pointed adjustable headgear enables the device to be comfortably fitted to the patient’s face. Moulded silicone cushioning and 3 sizes of forehead pad are included with each mask sold.

A 360 degree swivel action for the tube connection creates mobility and provides optimum tube positioning. With the adjustable headgear straps for an effective seal, the mask is very easy to fit and cleaning and maintenance are a breeze. You can also get the Nasal CPAP in a full face mask.

When it comes to the nasal pillow themselves, they come in 3 sizes and can also be adjusted for the perfect fit. Both intake and exhalation are silent due to the quiet design of the pillow. Note that the nasal pillow mask might not be suited for individuals who have a tendency for excessive leakage through the mouth. In this instance, the full face mask is the recommended choice.

There’s no need to worry about disruption to the treatment when the patient is fitted the DeVilbiss CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask. When used while sleeping, patients with breathing issues are at the most risk when receiving CPAP treatment. The nasal pillow and adjustable headgear ensures the device is safe and effective to use on slumbering patients.

Download: Nasal Mask Sizing Guide

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    Nasal CPAP Mask By DeVilbiss - Fits all CPAP & APAP Machines – Silent – Comfortable
    $99.00 Incl. GST
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