MyRide Kids, Paediatric Wheelchair

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the MyRide Kids Wheelchair, a revolutionary pediatric mobility solution crafted to nurture your child’s growth and foster their adventurous spirit. This innovative wheelchair is meticulously engineered to empower your child, providing them with the freedom to explore and engage with their surroundings. Crafted with lightweight materials, the MyRide Kids Wheelchair offers unparalleled versatility, coupled with a comprehensive array of inclusive features and accessories tailored to your child’s unique style and requirements. Experience the joy of watching your child thrive and conquer new horizons with the MyRide Kids Wheelchair by their side.

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Experience the convenience of Height-Adjustable Armrests, tailored to provide optimal comfort and adaptability as your chair grows with you.

Navigate with confidence using Tilt-On-The-Go technology, effortlessly adjusting the chair’s tilt even with anti-tip wheels in place, ensuring safe traversal across uneven surfaces like sidewalks and narrow doorways.

Stay secure with Anti-Tipping Safety Wheels, designed to keep you upright and stable, especially during inclines or sudden movements, offering a reliable means to acclimate to wheelchair use.

Customize your comfort with Adjustable Footrests, conveniently folding out of the way for easy ingress and egress, while accommodating growth and ensuring personalized comfort for the child.

Enjoy the peace of mind with Puncture-Proof Tires, eliminating the hassle of checking for flats and providing worry-free mobility.

Maximize maneuverability with 20-Inch Drive Wheels, offering a lean profile for agile navigation around obstacles, furniture, and people, enhancing mobility and accessibility.

Indulge in everyday comfort with Padded Seat and Backrest, featuring breathable fabric and foam padding for optimal support. Enhance pressure care with optional foam and gel cushioning for added comfort.

Ensure safety with Dual Brakes, featuring both attendant and self-engaged wheel brakes for versatile control in any situation, allowing for secure locking or gradual slowing down.

Optimize space utilization with Side Folding capability, minimizing storage footprint when not in use, while offering quick and easy deployment as needed.

Experience enhanced stability with Soft Safety Harness, providing lateral and forward stability to keep you secure during sudden stops, bumps, and directional changes.

Relax with Calf Rest, offering gentle support for your calves while keeping your feet comfortably positioned on the footrests.

Enjoy the benefits of a Lightweight Aluminum Frame, offering a perfect balance of rigidity and portability for effortless transportation, navigation, and maneuverability.

Rest assured with TGA Registration & Certification, ensuring compliance with Australian medical device standards, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality and safety.


Seat Width 35 cm
Seat Depth 35 cm
Seat Height 44 cm
Backrest Height 40 cm (74 cm from ground)
Overall Height 90 cm
Overall Width 54 cm
Overall Length (with footrests) 87 cm
Armrest Height (from ground) 60 – 65 cm
Folded Height 60 cm
Folded Width 32 cm
Folded Length (without footrests) 72 cm
Total Weight (with accessories) 12.5 kg
Rear Wheels 20 inch / 50 cm
Puncture proof solid tire
Front Castors 4 inch / 10 cm
Puncture proof solid tire
Material Aluminium
SWL 80 kg
Included Backrest cushion
Ergonomic seat cushion
Body harness
Calf rest
Anti-tipping safety wheels
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    MyRide Kids, Paediatric Wheelchair
    $699.00 Incl. GST
    Out of stock