IV Pole by Rebotec

$349.00 Incl. GST

Compatible with a wide range of Rebotec models, this accessory seamlessly integrates with various models, ensuring versatility and convenience.

Please note that it is not compatible with the 24-inch self-propelled and bariatric models. With this compatibility, you can enhance your Rebotec experience across different models, providing you with optimal flexibility and functionality.

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The innovative quad loops feature of this product offers unparalleled support for multiple IV bags, accommodating up to four bags simultaneously.

This exceptional design ensures secure and reliable suspension, allowing healthcare professionals to efficiently manage multiple IV therapies with ease and confidence.

With the capability to handle a higher volume of IV bags, this solution enhances productivity and convenience in medical settings, providing optimal support for patients’ intravenous needs.

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    IV Pole by Rebotec
    $349.00 Incl. GST