Self-Propelled Shower Commode Wheelchair – Genf by Rebotec

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Commode chairs and wheelchairs both serve specific purposes and when you combine the two, you get the ultimate self-propelled commode wheelchair. German design and precision delivers a commode chair with a unique difference.

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Rather than being a mobile commode chair that’s on castor wheels and relies on someone else to push the chair along, when you transform a commode chair into an actual self-propelled wheelchair, this provides even more independence for the patient. This also reduces dependency on carers, nurses or family members.

The self-propelled commode wheelchair is ideal for use in the home, in a hospital, medical clinic or really anywhere that a mobile commode chair may be required.

As a commode chair, two of it’s main functions is to make going to the bathroom and showering easier, as well as safer for people with any form of mobility issue. The chair can be positioned over the toilet with access being gained through the removable seat and pail. As a bedside commode chair, the removable pail can be placed beneath the seat so the chair can be used in the middle of the night if need be. The chair is height adjustable and comes with armrests and swinging and detachable footrests, making it convenient to place in the shower cubicle. There are also wheel brakes that hold the chair firmly in place when rested.

24 inch self-propelled wheels have been designed for independent and simple maneuverability and the brake handles are within easy reach.

It’s a very robust and durable build and design and the chair itself is lightweight at only 24kg. However, it can hold body weights of up to 130kg.

The chair’s seat is padded for extra comfort and is fashioned from PU rubber that is both hygienic and very easy to clean. User-friendliness has also been incorporated into the chair’s overall design and functionality.

The footprint of the chair is 95cm x 71cm. Because it doubles as a wheelchair, it’s not as small as some other models of commode chair but is still compact enough to fit into a shower cubicle.

Benefits Of the Berlin Mobile Commode Chair

Aside from the obvious benefits and advantages that a commode chair offers, this one also doubles as a wheel chair. It provides much more independence for the user, as well as making using the bathroom and shower much easier and safer. A commode chair with wheelchair function is the ultimate commode chair.


Depth 95cm
Width 71cm
Seat depth 45cm
Seat height 55cm
Seat width 46cm
Toilet-height with bucket device  43cm
Max. toilet width  38cm
Weight  24kg
Max. body weight  130kg
Country of origin: Germany (Design & Manufacturing)
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    Self-Propelled Shower Commode Wheelchair - Genf by Rebotec
    Self-Propelled Shower Commode Wheelchair - Genf by Rebotec
    $1,999.00 Incl. GST