Fiber Optic Otoscope With Charger – x3 Magnification – 4 Tip Sizes – Large Viewing Window

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Used to explore the inner ear, this fiber optic otoscope comes complete with a desktop charger, 3 x magnification, 4 tip sizes and a large viewing window.

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Otoscopes can be used by medical professionals in a hospital, a clinic or even in the patient’s home. This fiber optic Otoscope comes with 4 handy tip sizes for all ear sizes (from infants to the elderly) and magnifies up to 3 times. The scope uniformly illuminates the inner ear for easy observation via the viewing window. The tips are reusable and the glass of the viewing screen is highly resistant to scratching.

The build quality of the otoscope ensures durability and long term accurate use and the materials of the scope are very easy to clean for complete hygiene.

More about the lighting ability of the Fiber Optic Otoscope. Utilising Distal Fiber Optic Illumination coupled with LED technology, the scope easily illuminates the entire inner ear with even light. This is vital for clarity of view and an accurate diagnosis. Combine bright and even lighting with 3 x magnification and a medical professional will be able to gain a clear visual of what’s going on inside the ear. An inflation bulb is also included with the scope for pneumatic testing.

One of the key features of the otoscope is the charging stand it comes with. Simply place the scope onto the charger between uses to ensure it’s always fully charged and ready for the next patient. The charging stand also provides a convenient and safe place to store the otoscope when not in use.

Let’s list some of the key specifications:

  • Swivel function window with airtight seal
  • Pneumatic testing inflation bulb included
  • Fibre optic LED illumination
  • Pocket clip with On/Off switch
  • Homogenous illumination of ear canal and tympanum
  • 3 time magnification
  • 4 ear tips to suit all ear sizes
  • Scratch-resistant viewing glass
  • Rechargeable batteries and USB 240V desktop charging stand
  • Downloadable instruction manual complete with illustrations


Swivel window features an airtight seal
LED Fibre Optic illumination
Inflation bulb for pneumatic testing included
Homogenous illumination of ear canal and tympanum
Anti-Scratch glass viewing window with x3 magnification
Pocket clip with integrates ON/Off Switch
Rechargeable Batteries Include
Complete with USB/240V desktop charger stand
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    Fiber Optic Otoscope Charger
    Fiber Optic Otoscope With Charger - x3 Magnification – 4 Tip Sizes – Large Viewing Window
    $319.00 Incl. GST
    Out of stock