DJMed T4 Forehead Infrared Thermometer

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DJMed T4 stands out as a cutting-edge forehead thermometer, designed to provide accurate temperature readings effortlessly. Harnessing the power of infrared technology, this innovative device offers a non-contact approach to temperature measurement. By simply aiming at the temple, DJMed T4 swiftly captures body temperature, catering to both adults and children in the comfort of their homes.

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ENSURING SAFETY & SANITATION: Embrace a hygienic approach with no need for direct contact with the patient’s skin, offering a hassle-free and non-intrusive method of assessing body temperature sans physical touch.

ENHANCED VISIBILITY: Experience seamless monitoring with a generously sized, backlit LCD display, ensuring clarity and ease of reading.

STREAMLINED DESIGN: Compact and lightweight, weighing just under 40g, it epitomizes portability, fitting snugly into your pocket for on-the-go convenience, a feature seldom found in infrared thermometers.

FEVER ALERT SYSTEM: Stay informed with color-coded fever detection and display. A green screen signifies a normal temperature, while yellow indicates a fever and red denotes a high fever.

SWIFT RESULTS: Harnessing cutting-edge infrared technology, this thermometer delivers rapid temperature readings in just 1 second.

VERSATILE USAGE: Catering to diverse needs, it serves dual purposes, effortlessly measuring both human body temperature and the temperature of various objects, from bathwater to feeding bottles, expanding its utility beyond traditional thermometers.


Battery voltage  2x AAA (DC3V)
 Measuring range  Body temperature mode: 34.0℃~42.9℃
 Measuring distance  1-5 cm
 Measuring time  ~1 second
 Display temperature screen colour  34.0°C – 37.5°C Green
37.6°C – 38.0°C Yellow
38.1°C – 42.9°C Red
 Working environment  15°C to 35°C RH <85%
 Storage and transportation  -20°C to 45°C RH <90%
 Auto power-off  ≤6 seconds
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    DJMed T4 Forehead Infrared Thermometer
    $29.99 Incl. GST