DJMed 9E-A Medical Suction Unit to remove phlegm and mucus fluids

$399.00 Incl. GST

This medical suction machine can be used in a clinic, an ambulance or in the home to remove fluids such as phlegm, saliva, blood and mucous from a patient.

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The suction machine from DJMed runs on mains power but is portable enough to be transported to wherever it is needed. The oil-free lubrication pump means that operating the suction machine produces no pollution. With a 9E-A aspirator, the device has been specifically designed for extracting and absorbing viscous fluids such as phlegm or blood.

The device has also been designed to be compact and efficient enough to be used practically anywhere that mains AC power is available, making it ideal for hospitals, medical clinics, for use by first responders and used by nursing staff for in-home care.

DJMed Suction Unit Features

Let’s now look at some additional key features of the DJMed Medical Suction Unit.

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – Along with its compact design for portability, the device is also very lightweight for such a robust piece of medical kit. It weights just 3.9kg, so light even a child could carry it. Having a lightweight suction unit means it can readily be transported or deployed in emergency situations.

FILTERS BACTERIA – Contamination of the aspirator’s internal components needs to be avoided and this is accomplished via the bacteria filter built into the unit. The filter also protects against dust and dangerous gases that can potentially damage the machine.

EFFECTIVE NEGATIVE PRESSURE – The device is capable of a 20 litres per minute suction rate and has a maximum vacuum pressure of 75kPa. This enables the machine to easily extract blood and phlegm, or remove other foreign objects from a patient’s airway. The unit’s ability to be adjusted means it can be used on both adult and child patients requiring medical attention.

How To Use the Suction Machine

The suction unit has been purpose-built to be very user-friendly and simple to operate. It also comes with a handy user manual that clearly states how to use the suction machine. Simple and rapid use is the outcome.


Max. air flow rate 20L/min
Max. vacuum -75 kPa
Air regulation Mechanical regulating valve
Sound level 52dB @ 1m
Voltage AC 240V
Weight 3.9kg
  • 9E-A suction unit
  • Collection canister with overflow valve
  • (2) Suction catheters
  • (2) Bacterial filters
  • 2m silicone suction tube
  • User guide
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    DJMed 9E-A Medical Suction Unit to remove phlegm and mucus fluids
    $399.00 Incl. GST