Wide Bariatric Shower Commode Chair – Dallas by Rebotec

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Looking smart and modern in shades of blue, black and white is the Dallas Wide Bariatric Shower Commode Chair, crafted with German precision by the Rebotec company. Anyone with mobility issues will benefit greatly by the comfort and support this commode chair provides.

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With its durable and easy to clean and maintain design, the Dallas Commode Chair offers both comfort and stability for the elderly, people currently recovering from an injury or surgery, or anyone with any physical hindrance or form of immobility. It’s solid build quality enables the chair to withstand weights of up to 200kg, although the chair itself only weighs in at 22kg.

A soft polyurethane seat and backrest provide padded comfort and the material itself is extremely to clean, ensuring total hygiene at all times. Add in a framework constructed of tubular stainless steel that’s highly corrosion-resistant and you have a quality commode chair that will do the job year after year.

The seat cover is removable, as is the case with all commode chairs. This means the chair can be placed in the toilet above the bowl and, once the seat has been removed, the patient can sit in the comfort and added height of the commode chair to use the toilet. A pail can also be placed beneath the seat, so the chair becomes a portable and convenient toilet by the bedside in the evenings.

The chair is mobile, due to the four 125mm castor wheels it rests on. These wheels can be securely locked into place when the chair is stationary. It’s also equipped with armrests and footrests that can either be swung away or removed entirely. This makes side access to the chair simple and also gives the patient and the carer more options.

Anyone with a mobility issue is going to face a few basic challenges when taking a shower on a wet, slippery floor. With the commode chair placed inside the shower, the individual can take a shower while sitting down. This provides a safe and stable environment in what would otherwise be a rather precarious zone. The rubber on the castor wheels won’t slip on wet tiles.

The Dallas Wide Commode Chair has a total footprint of 90cm x 74cm and is an extremely versatile and stable commode chair.

Benefits Of the Dallas Wide Commode Chair

Both toilet time and shower time are made easier, more convenient and much safer with the use of the Dallas Commode Chair by Rebotec. Potential slip and fall incidents will be a thing of the past and the four castor wheels make it extremely easy to transport a person from room to room.


Width 62 cm
Depth 89 cm
Seat width 52 cm
Seat depth 48 cm
Seat height 53 cm
Toilet-height with bucket rails 44 cm
Toilet-height without bucket rails 47 cm
Net Weight 16.2 kg
Caster Wheels 12.5 cm (5″)
Capacity 150 kg
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Blue, Grey

Length (each wedge) 100 cm
Height (each wedge) 20 cm
Depth (each wedge) 15 cm
Width between wedges  90 cm
To fit  Single bed


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    Wide Bariatric Shower Commode Chair - Dallas by Rebotec
    Wide Bariatric Shower Commode Chair - Dallas by Rebotec
    $1,809.00 Incl. GST