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Patient care is made so much easier with the versatile and innovative Commode Chair by Robotec Bonn. It can be used by the bedside, in the shower and even over the toilet to make everyday life more convenient for those requiring assisted care

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Quality German design often ensures a product of the highest standards and that’s exactly what you get with the Commode Chair. In fact, the manufacturers are so confident of the build quality and functionality that it even comes with a 5 year warranty. Every convenience had been conceived and built into this all-purpose chair that’s been designed for people either living with a disability or who have become frail with age.

For example, the armrests on the chair can be swung open to allow easy access into and out of the chair. The toilet seat itself is padded and removable so the chair can be position over the toilet. As an added convenience when it comes to toilet functions, there is also a plastic pail to collect human waste rather than needing to wheel the chair into the bathroom.

Speaking of wheeling the chair, that’s another one of its handy features. The 4 swivelling castor wheels can move the chair in any direction and allow it to make tight turns when negotiating it around the home. For added safety, all 4 wheels have individual brakes to prevent the chair from rolling when you need it to remain stationary.

When it comes to the footrests on the chair, they are height-adjustable, swing in and out and are also completely removable for added convenience.

Even the heaviest of patients will be safe when using the Commode Chair as it has a maximum weight capacity of 130kg.

The Benefits Of the Reboteb Bonn Commode Chair

Along with simply being used as a wheelchair for easy transportation around the home and other places, the main use of the Commode Chair is to make life easy for the individual and their carer when taking a shower or using the toilet.

Everything needed has been thought of and covered with the design of the Rebotec Bonn Commode Chair, from the swinging and removable arms and footrests, through to the removable seat for toilet time and the individual wheel lock braking system.

Anyone who requires assisted living will be well served by acquiring this versatile and innovative chair.


Caster Wheels 12.5cm (5″)
Depth 87cm
Width 56cm
Seat depth 45cm
Seat height 53cm
Seat width 46cm
Capacity 130kg
Weight 14.5kg
Toilet height withbucket device 44cm
Toilet height without bucket device 47cm
Country of origin: Germany (Design & Manufactured)


Can I lift or remove the arms to transfer someone?

Yes the arms swing down easily. This gives you good access while still staying on the commode so you do not lose it. They you just swing up and lock into place. Quick, safe and easy.

Can the footrest be removed?


Yes they are removable. The footrest move up, down, pivot and clip off.

Does this rolling chair have a braking system? I struggle with sitting the patient down & don’t want the commode to roll.


Yes, you can lock the wheels.

Is the waste bin easy to be removed. If the intent is to use the waste bin instead of fitting the chair over a toilet, is it convenient?


Yes, very easy. It is very convenient to have a couple extra on hand. Tip: I recommend putting a plastic bag in the pail bucket to make cleaning easier.

Do you have option for filling in the opening in the seat, e.g. if one senior needs opening, but another doesn’t like it or just want to use this chair like a transfer wheelchair?


Yes, a closed seat is available. Please contact us.

Does the blue (Rebotec Bonn) toilet lid have hinges?

Yes, the lid opens/lifts from the front to get the bucket out and if you don’t want to use the bucket this is how you remove the bucket rails. Very easy. You can also remove the bucket from the back but if it is full and heavy the top is safer.


How is the pan removed to empty it? Does it slide out the front without lifting the lid and the toilet seat? Or is the lid and toilet seat lifted up and pushed back and then the pan is lifted upwards?

As above. From the back or the top.


Please advise the depth of the pan?

About 18cm,  roughly around 9L


Is the chair height adjustable?

No this is not height adjustable. The Hamburg Version is height adjustable:

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    Commode Chair - Rebotec Bonn
    $949.00 Incl. GST