Charlotte Bryan’s OneLeash™ Dog Lead – 9 In 1 Multi Functional Reflective Dog Leash

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The Charlotte Bryan OneLeash™ dog lead is the only dog leash you will ever need when you and your beloved canine are out and about together.

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Having your dog on a leash protects both your pet and others in the vicinity but simply having a leash that is only good for walking your dog isn’t the ultimate in versatility or practicality.

There are more things you and your dog will be doing when you leave the home and that’s where having a multi function leash really comes in handy, along with saving money on buying extra pet products.

The leash is tough and durable and is made from premium quality materials. It’s also reflective, so you and your dog are highly visible when walking the streets at night. It even has anti-shock characteristics which minimise the impact on your arm if your dog suddenly tries to run off, or when you brake heavily while driving the car.

Right now the leash is only available in black, but the OneLeash™ does come with a 1 year warranty on workmanship.

What Are the 9 Ways You Can Use The Charlotte Bryan OneLeash™ 9 In 1 Multi Function Dog Lead?

  • Regular Dog Leash – With a solid clip and a comfortable padded handle, simply use the leash as a regular normal dog lead.
  • Use As An Extra Long Dog Lead – This may prove to be too heavy for smaller dogs, but with the addition of the OneLeash Extender™ clipped to the end of the OneLeash™, it becomes an extra long dog lead.
  • It Works As a Dog Car Seatbelt – Simply clip the OneLeash™ into the car seatbelt clip and you’re good to go. The same mechanism also creates a hands-free running leash for your pet. Just fasten the leash around your waist and clip the extension that comes with OneLeash™ to your canine’s harness or collar.
  •  Hands-Free Shoulder Strap – The OneLeash Extender™ transforms into a shoulder strap that then attaches to your dog. This is the ultimate function for service dog handlers.
  •  Becomes a 2 Handed Dog Leash – The OneLeash™ becomes a 2 handed dog lead with 2 comfy handles and is perfect for when you want or need more control over your dog.
  • A Temporary Tether – Equipped with a strong carabiner and D-ring, the OneLeash™ can very easily be tied around a pole so you can restrain your pooch temporarily.
  • A Makeshift Dog Lead and Collar – If you happen to forget your dog’s collar, never fear. The OneLeash™ dog lead can easily be converted into a dog collar.
  • Dual Dog Lead – If you have two dogs you need to walk at the same time, the OneLeash™ has the capacity to restrain 2 dogs of similar size at the same time.
  • Triple Dog Lead – As above, this time instead of walking 2 dogs, you can walk 3 dogs of the same size with OneLeash™.

How To Use The Charlotte Bryan OneLeash™

Let’s now take a look at some more details on the 9 different ways you can use Charlotte Bryan’s OneLeash™.

  • Regular Dog Leash – The main function of any dog leash is to act as a restraining device while walking your dog and that’s exactly the primary function of this 9 in 1 multi function lead. With an ergonomic and comfortably padded handle, simply clip the lead to your dog’s collar. The OneLeash™ body is equipped with a bungee mechanism that’s anti-lock, reducing any shock placed on your wrist or shoulder if your pet tries to pull away suddenly (which they often do).
  •  Use As An Extra Long Dog Lead – With the OneLeash Extender™ attachment, you’ll effectively add an extra half a metre or one metre to the length of the lead, giving your dog more freedom to roam around.
  • It Works As a Dog Car Seatbelt – Before or after walking and it’s time to drive in the car, located near the handle of the leash is an attachment that simply clicks into the buckle of your car seatbelt. If there is any sudden braking in the car, the anti-shock bungee mechanism kicks in to keep your dog restrained and protected.
  • Hands-Free Shoulder Strap – OneLeash™ has been designed that you can use the lead as a hands-free dog leash. Simply configure it into a handy shoulder strap and leave your hands free.
  • Becomes a 2 Handed Dog Leash – Transforming into a leash with 2 handles, this gives you better grip and more control of your roving puppy.
  • A Temporary Tether – If you temporarily need to tie up your dog somewhere, the OneLeash™ can readily be tied around a pole or other restraining device.
  • A Makeshift Dog Lead and Collar – Don’t worry if you happen to forget your dog’s collar, as the OneLeash™ is able to be configured into a handy dog collar as well as act as a leash.
  • Dual Dog Lead – Waking 2 dogs at the same time has never been easier than with OneLeash™. It has a 360 degree swivel, which prevents the dogs from getting tangled.
  • Triple Dog Lead – Just as the OneLeash™ can be converted to walk 2 dogs at once, you can also walk 3 dogs of a similar size at the same time.

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    Charlotte Bryan’s OneLeash™ Dog Lead - 9 In 1 Multi Functional Reflective Dog Leash
    $59.99 Incl. GST