Bunny Rabbit Nebuliser for Kids – Compact size

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Transform liquid medication for kids into an aerosol that can be inhaled rather than ingested with equally as effective results. The cool and fun Bunny Rabbit Nebuliser for Kids makes this possible.

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No children enjoy taking medication, so if it can be turned into an aerosol to be inhaled, all the better. Kids also don’t like scary looking medical devices, so having a nebuliser in the form of a cute and fun bunny rabbit takes away any fears or trepidation. Kids will even look forward to using the nebuliser.

What’s in the box?

  • Bunny Rabbit Nebuliser
  • Child and Adult Mask
  • 5 x Replacement Filters
  • Nebuliser mouth piece
  • Nebuliser bowl
  • Nebuliser User guide

How the nebuliser works is it turns liquid medication into a steam to be inhaled. This steam travels along a plastic tube from the nebuliser to the mouthpiece, where the child then inhales vaporised medication. It’s an easy and practical way to get children to to have their medication without the need to take it by mouth.

The Features and Benefits Of the Bunny Rabbit Nebuliser for Kids

EFFECTIVE DELIVERY OF MEDICATION – When medication is inhaled into the lungs rather than ingested via the digestive tract, the effects and results are much more instantaneous. This leads to rapid results and the fast reduction of symptoms.

EASY TO USE NEBULISER – The Bunny Rabbit nebuliser is extremely easy to use. Even your child will learn how to operate the device. No supervision by a healthcare professional is required. Unlike an inhaler, the patient isn’t required to breathe in a certain manner. Rather, the child just inhales as they normally would, breathing just a little more deeply.

COST-EFFECTIVE – Nebulisers are effective, yet inexpensive devices. Having one in the home negates the need to travel to a clinic, hospital or ER if a child suffers from a respiratory illness or asthma attack.

THE BUNNY RABBIT NEBULISER IS CHILD-FRIENDLY – This non-intimidating design makes it ideal for use by young children.

FEWER SIDE EFFECTS – Because medication is being inhaled instead of being ingested, there are less side effects as a result. Nebuliser therapy may continue for years with little or no side effects.

A NEBULISER FOR BOTH CHILDREN AND ADULTS – Despite its bunny rabbit design, this fully-functioning nebuliser can be used by both adults and children alike and comes equipped with adult and child-sized masks for inhalation.


Max flow rate 8 L/min
Aerosol output ≥0.25 mL/min
MMAD 2.53 microns
Sound level ≤60 dB
Power AC ~230V, 50Hz
  • Nebuliser
  • Child mask
  • Adult mask
  • (5) Replacement filters
  • Nebuliser bowl
  • Nebuliser mouth piece
  • User guide
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    Bunny Rabbit Nebuliser for Kids - Compact size
    $139.00 Incl. GST