Breathable Sheepskin Heel Protectors – 1 Pair

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These fantastic heel protectors are made from quality faux sheepskin and come in colours of blue or grey. They are soft, breathable and extremely comfortable.

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Designed to be completely breathable to allow airflow for recovery from injury and with antibacterial properties to ensure good hygiene and the prevention of unpleasant odours, these one size fits all heel protectors offer comfort and assistance with injury recovery and to prevent skin shearing.

The heel protectors can be adjusted to size via an easy to use Velcro strap and they are completely washable, either by hand or in a washing machine. They can even be tumbled dried for convenience.

Some key features of note include:

  • The design protects the wearer against shearing of the skin
  • Reduces pressure in the heel area
  • Provides reduction against sweat and odour
  • An antibacterial environment is created by the sanitised hygiene treatment
  • Suitable for frail patients be reducing restricted movement
  • Comfortable, soft and lightweight
  • The breathable design creates adequate airflow for a faster healing environment
  • Being made from faux sheepskin, which is not a natural fibre, these heel protectors are not prone to mould or bacteria growth. A breathable design also reduces overheating

Heel Protector Benefits

What are some of the main benefits of the breathable faux sheepskin heel protectors?

ABSOLUTE COMFORT – The heel protectors have been designed with complete comfort in mind. This is achieved through a combination of their softness while providing support, the breathable nature of the material so overheating doesn’t occur and the heel protector’s sweat reduction properties. They are comfortable enough to be worn all day long.

ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES – These heel protectors have been specially treated to prevent the growth of bacteria and mould. This makes them extremely hygienic and stops offensive odours from developing after prolonged wear.

THEIR SLEEK DESIGN – Because the design looks cool, stylish and sleek, the heel protectors can be worn anywhere.

A COMFORTABLE FIT FOR MOST – The Velcro strap adjustment of the heel protectors ensures a good fit for people of most sizes while providing enough support.

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    Breathable Sheepskin Heel Protectors - 1 Pair
    $74.99 Incl. GST