Body Support Wedge Pillow For the Bed – high density rebound memory foam for support

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This wedge shaped pillow is made from memory foam and has been designed to provide support for the body while in bed.

  • complete support
  • pillow returns to its original shape
  • unique design
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A body support wedge pillow is designed to provide support and alignment for your entire body while you sleep.

  • The white and blue cover are: polyester, removable and washable
  • The waterproof cover is: PU, removable

You might use a body support wedge pillow for several reasons, including:

  1. Back pain relief: The contoured shape of a body support wedge pillow can help reduce pressure on your spine and alleviate back pain.
  2. Improved circulation: Elevating your legs with a body support wedge pillow can help improve blood circulation, which can be beneficial for conditions like varicose veins and swelling in the legs and feet.
  3. Reduced snoring and sleep apnea: Sleeping with your upper body elevated and your head supported can help open your airways and reduce snoring and symptoms of mild obstructive sleep apnea.
  4. Recovery from surgery or injury: A body support wedge pillow can provide comfortable support and help you maintain proper alignment while recovering from surgery or injury.
  5. Pregnancy support: Pregnant women may use a body support wedge pillow to help relieve pressure on their back and abdomen and provide support for their growing belly while sleeping.
  6. Better sleep posture: Using a body support wedge pillow can help promote better sleep posture by keeping your body properly aligned while you sleep.

High-density rebound memory foam crafted in a multi-layer pattern ensures complete support while in use and that the pillow will also return to its original shape between uses. It’s unique wedge shaped design makes it both versatile, as well as providing optimum support for patients who are spending a lot of time in bed recuperating from an injury or illness. The rebounding foam core ensures even weight distribution for maximum comfort.

How Best To Use the Wedge Pillow

There are 3 main positions the wedge pillow can be used and they are as follows.

Position #1

For patients who are suffering breathing difficulties or need relief from sinus problems, reflux or protecting against bed sores, the wedge pillow should be positioned beneath the upper body. This provides upper body elevation for ease of breathing and also takes pressure off the spine, buttocks and sacral regions.

Position #2

In this position, the wedge pillow is located under the lower portion of the patient’s body, allowing it to elevate the legs. This position improves vascular drainage and circulation in the legs. Elevating the heels provides access and aeration to promote recovery for injuries. Leg elevation will also help to reduce swelling for swollen ankles and other leg injuries.

Position #3

In the third position, the wedge is positioned behind the patient’s back, to stop the patient from rolling over. This helps to protect the spine and reduce sacral pressure.

Alternatively, the wedge pillow can be located against the front of the patient, preventing forward roll. This protects the patient against respiratory function impairment as well as refluxial dysfunction.

The Benefits Of Using the Body Support Wedge Pillow

This medical grade memory foam wedge shaped pillow provides many benefits as mentioned in the 3 positions above. It will also maintain its shape so it remains effective over a long period of time.

Whether you’re recovering from an illness or injury or suffer from ongoing breathing difficulties, this pillow will become a device that you won’t want to be without. Even if you’re not currently suffering from an injury or ailment, the wedge bed pillow can be used by anyone wanting some extra support while in the bed or even on the couch.

It’s soft, it’s comfortable and it’s highly versatile.


Height 20cm
Width 60cm
Length 60cm
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      Excellent service. Have recommended to a friend. Happy with the Wedge Pillow.

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    Body Support Wedge Pillow For the Bed - high density rebound memory foam for support
    $89.99 Incl. GST