Body Pillow with Bamboo Pillowcase

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Bamboo memory foam body pillow, memory foam filling that contours to fit your unique shape, size and sleep position.

  • Quality memory foam
  • Moulds to your shape
  • Pillow case made from natural bamboo fibres
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Being made from quality memory foam, this pillow will mould into everyone’s unique shape and sleeping position, guaranteeing all the support your head, neck and body need while you slumber. You’ll awake each morning feeling fresh and revitalised and with no annoying neck stiffness.

With a pillow case made from natural bamboo fibres, the pillow is not only comfortable, but hypoallergenic and good for the health.

The pillow measures 100cm x 37cm x 18cm, the perfect size for everyone., You can even use it in the living room while watching TV for added comfort and support. It’s versatile, strong, attractive and extremely luxurious.

Length 100 cm (120 cm flat)
Width 37 cm
Height 18 cm

Features and Benefits of the Body Pillow and Bamboo Pillowcase

One of the key features of the bamboo cover, in addition to being hypoallergenic, is the delicate fabric is extremely breathable. It’s also eco-friendly and kind to the skin.

Many people sleep on pillows that simply don’t give them the support they need. This can result in a less than restful sleep and the possibility of waking up with a sore and stiff neck.

The cover of the memory foam pillow has an invisible zipper, so you can remove the bamboo cover at any time and give it a wash in the washing machine.

Within the pillow is shredded memory foam. It has been designed to regulate temperatures so the pillow doesn’t get too hot and it also has moisture-wicking properties to reduce sweating.

Being hypoallergenic, antibacterial and dust mite-resistant, this pillow is perfect for those who suffer from allergies and who also need better support while sleeping or simply lying down to rest.

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    Body Pillow with Bamboo Pillowcase
    $69.95 Incl. GST