Berlin Mobile Commode Chair by Rebotec

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This mobile commode chair by Rebotec provides the ultimate in patient comfort and functionality. Four castor wheels make moving a patient from space to space a breeze for carers, medical professionals and family members.

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Commode chairs are multi-functional devices that not only assist people with mobility issues, but also allow them to retain some dignity when it comes to showering or using the toilet. It’s the ultimate commode solution for home use or in a hospital or hospice environment. It’s both mobile and perfectly safe for people of any age or mobility condition.

The Berlin Mobile Commode Chair is perfect for use as a portable toilet at night when positioned by the bedside, as it comes with a pail beneath the removable seat. Alternatively, the removable seat and pail can be taken away so the chair can be placed directly above the toilet bowl for easy access.

Not only is this device designed for more convenient toilet use, it also doubles as a stable chair that can be used in the shower. Although it moves on 4 castor wheels measuring 12.5cm, those wheels can be locked for safety and stability and they won’t slip on a wet floor.

German manufacturing ensures precision and build quality. The chair is robust and will provide comfort and functionality for years to come, even with regular use. The chair itself only weighs 15.9kg but has a maximum weight capacity of 130kg.

This commode chair looks great, with modern lines and a sleek design in white, black and blue. It can even be used simply as a place of rest. The upholstered seat provides maximum comfort and the chair is also equipped with armrests and footrests that swing out or are completely removable so getting in and out of the chair is super easy.

The overall footprint of the Rebotec Berlin Mobile Commode Chair is 87cm x 56cm.

Benefits Of the Berlin Mobile Commode Chair

Being mobile, this chair provides easy transportation of patients who are living with severe mobility issues. Its multi-functional design ensures the ultimate in dignity and convenience for patients. German engineering guarantees a robust build and the chair itself looks rather stylish. Toilet time and shower time are made simple and safe with this well-designed and very functional commode chair by Rebotec.


Caster Wheels 12.5cm (5″)
Depth 87cm
Width 56cm
Seat depth 45cm
Seat height 55cm
Seat width 46cm
Capacity 130kg
Weight 15.9kg
Toilet height withbucket device 43cm
Toilet height without bucket device 47cm
Country of origin: Germany (Design & Manufacturing)
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    Berlin Mobile Commode Chair by Rebotec
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