Children’s Shower Commode Chair Augsburg by Rebotec

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The Augsburg Commode Chair for children comes in bright colours to look more attractive and appears less like a medical aid. Precise German engineering ensures a quality product that is both functional and practical and one that has been specifically designed for kids

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Commode chairs are designed to make toilet time and shower time safer and easier for people living with mobility issues. There are numerous commode chairs on the market built for adult use but this commode chair from the team at Rebotec is made specifically for children. While smaller, it’s just as robust and can hold weights of up to 80kg, while the chair itself only weighs in at 17.3kg.

The comfortable and upholstered seat is removable so the chair can either be positioned directly over the toilet bowl or, when the pail is added, the chair acts as a portable toilet.

Armrests and swinging footrests have been added for extra comfort and these are removable for easy access into and out of the chair when required. The footrests are also height adjustable. For even more patient comfort, the chair has a padded and upholstered backrest.

Children are often a little apprehensive about anything that resembles a medical device, therefore, the manufacturers have created this chair in bright colours to be more appealing to kids.

For mobility and convenience, the commode chair for children is mounted on four 10cm caster wheels, so it can readily be transported from room to room. The wheels can be locked into position for stability and safety when the chair is at rest. It’s perfect for either home use or in a medical facility.

When it comes to shower time, simply wheel the individual into the shower cubicle, lock the wheels in place and turn on the shower. You may want to remove the armrests and footrests for more freedom of movement while bathing. The wheels are designed not to slip on wet surfaces and the chair provides added safety and support whilst taking a shower.

This commode chair is the ultimate solution for kids with mobility issues and can be of assistance for toilet time, showering and for moving the patient from room to room.

The overall footprint of the Augsburg Commode Chair is 87cm x 53cm.

Benefits Of the Augsburg Children’s Shower Commode Chair

For children who struggle to manage using the toilet or the shower unaided, a commode chair built specifically for kids provides the answer. It makes toilet time and shower time so much easier and far more safer. The chair doesn’t look like a medical aid with its bright colours and it’s perfect for home use or within a hospital environment.


Caster Wheels 10cm (4″)
Depth 87cm
Width 53cm
Seat depth 35cm
Seat height 54cm
Seat width 40cm
Capacity 80kg
Weight 17.3kg
Toilet width 33cm
Toilet height with bucket device 43cm
Country of origin: Germany (Design & Manufacturing)
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    Children's Shower Commode Chair Augsburg by Rebotec
    Children's Shower Commode Chair Augsburg by Rebotec
    $2,119.00 Incl. GST