Anterior Forearm Walker for Kids

$1,699.00 Incl. GST

A vibrant rolling walker designed for children is an ideal option when a proper upright walking posture is required or when there are concerns about arm strength and coordination.

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You will get to choose from three different handle types, including standard, ellipse, and spade handle, to ensure that your grip is just right. Additionally, this walker is equipped with a dual brake system, puncture-resistant tires, and large swivel casters to ensure maximum safety and manoeuvrability.

This walker is specifically designed to promote upright gait and can be easily folded for storage and transportation purposes. The dual-action brakes are controlled through squeeze handles, which allow your child to have control over their speed and provide you with peace of mind.

The puncture-proof, airless tires also add an extra layer of security to this already safe and reliable walker.


Fixi Fox
Length 68 cm 68 cm
Width 58 cm 58 cm
Total height 99 cm 110 cm
Forearm support height
above handle bar
90-99 cm 99-110 cm
Total length/armrest 26 cm 26 cm
Turning radius approx. 70 cm 70 cm
Weight 7.6 kg 7.8 kg
Height adjustment steps 5 5
Max. body weight 100 kg 100 kg
Country of origin Germany (Design & Manufacturing)
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Fixi, Fox


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    Child Forarm Posterior-Walker
    Anterior Forearm Walker for Kids
    $1,699.00 Incl. GST