8000D Patient Monitor with Touch Screen

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The Portable Multi-parameter Patient Monitor with a 14-inch Touchscreen is a versatile device suitable for various medical settings, including hospital ICUs, CCUs, operating rooms, clinics, and home care.

Designed to meet the demands of patient transport, whether within a healthcare facility or during ambulance transfers, this monitor offers an excellent balance of cost and performance. It equips healthcare professionals with the necessary information at the patient’s bedside, ensuring accurate and timely care.

Featuring a spacious 14-inch widescreen display with high resolution, this monitor provides clear and detailed data visualization. Additionally, its integrated long-life lithium battery enhances convenience during patient transfers and serves as an emergency power backup, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring and care.

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Responding promptly to fluctuations in a patient’s condition is paramount for clinicians. Having access to a dependable and adaptable patient monitoring solution not only saves valuable time but also aids in determining the most effective course of action for patient care.

RELIABLE PERFORMANCE: This solution ensures swift and consistent performance, delivering precise and accurate results across all parameters. Its enduring battery life further extends its reliability, ensuring sustained high-quality performance.

PORTABLE DESIGN: Weighing just 4.1 kg, this device is effortlessly transportable and easy to set up, making it suitable for various medical environments where continuous patient monitoring is essential.

ENHANCED DISPLAY: Featuring a generous 14-inch screen with high resolution and large font display, this device offers clear visibility of parameter results. The waveform data and numerical readings are easily readable, facilitating accurate monitoring.

INTUITIVE INTERFACE: Designed for user convenience, this device boasts a user-friendly interface, particularly beneficial for in-home monitoring scenarios. With its touchscreen functionality, navigating through different parameters is seamless, saving time and optimizing patient care.

VERSATILE APPLICATION: Suitable for patients of all ages, including newborns, children, and adults, this device comes equipped with preset normal values tailored to each age group. It also alerts clinicians when critical values are detected, ensuring timely intervention.

Display 14” colour TFT screen
Alarm Three Level: Low, medium and high
Indication: Auditory and visual
Setup: Default and custom
Silence: All alarms can be silenced
Volume: 45-85 dB @ 1 meter
Pulse Rate Measure/alarm range: 20 ~ 300bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: ± 3bpm
SpO2 Measurement range: 0 ~ 100% (resolution: 1%)
Accuracy: 70% ~ 100% ± 2% (40% ~ 69% ± 3%)
NIBP Method: Oscillometry
Measure mode: Manual, Auto, STAT
Measure interval in auto mode:
Measure period in STAT mode: 5min
Pulse rate range: 40 ~ 240bpmMeasure & alarm range: Adult

  • SYS 40 ~ 280mmHg
  • DIA 10 ~ 220mmHg
  • MEAN 20 ~ 240mmHg

Measure & alarm range: Paediatric

  • SYS 40 ~ 220mmHg
  • DIA 10 ~ 160mmHg
  • MEAN 20 ~ 170mmHg

Measure & alarm range: Neonatal

  • SYS 40 ~ 135mmHg
  • DIA 10 ~ 100mmHg
  • MEAN 20 ~ 110mmHg

Static pressure measurement

  • Range: 0 ~ 300mmHg
  • Accuracy: ± 3mmHg
  • Resolution: 1mmHg Accuracy:
  • Max. Mean Error: ± 5mmHg
  • Max. Standard Deviation: 8mmHg

Overpressure protection:

  • Adult 300mmHg
  • Paediatric 240mmHg
  • Neonatal 150mmHg
ECG 5 Leads: RA, LA, LL, RL, V
Lead mode: I,II, III, AVR, AVL, AVF, V
Gain: × 1.25mm/mV,2.5mm/mV,
5.0mm/mV, 10mm/mV,
20mm/mV (error ≤ 5%)
Sweep speed: 6.25mm/s,12.5mm/s,25mm/s,
50mm/s (error ≤ ± 10%)
Bandwidth: Surgery 1 ~ 25 Hz
Monitor 0.5 ~ 40 Hz
Diagnostic 0.05 ~ 130 Hz
Sensitivity: >200 μ V P-P
CMRR: ≥ 112dB
Differential Input Impedance: >5M
ohm Electrode Offset Potential: ±300mV
Polarization Voltage: ≥ ± 500mV
Input Impedance: ≥ 5 M
Calibration Voltage: 1mV ± 5%
Temp 2 channel
Measure & alarm range: 0 ~ 50 C°
Resolution: 0.1 C°
Accuracy (no sensor): ±0.1 C° (0~50 C°)
Data storage Trend diagram/table: 720h
NIBP review: 10000 events
Wave review: 12h
Alarm review: 200 alarm events
Support drug concentration titration analysis
Weight 4.1 kg
Power AC: 230V, 50Hz
DC: Built-in rechargeable battery
Battery: 11.1V 24wh Li-ion battery (2+ hours on  full charge, 5 min low battery alarm)
What is included
  • 14″ Patient Monitor with Touch Screen
  • Power cable
  • Ground cable
  • User’s Manual
  • SpO2 sensor
  • Blood pressure cuff (NIBP), adult size
  • NIBP connection tubbing
  • ECG cable
  • Temperature probe (for Temperature)
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    8000D Patient Monitor with Touch Screen
    $1,699.00 Incl. GST